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Applying To College in THE UNITED STATES FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY can be exiting and challenging. The process is very different from our country and only possible if you get accurate information and follow the required procedures carefully. TWO YEARS BEFORE ADMISSION

September – January Start the school search process. Prepare a list of the preferred colleges/universities. BEGIN THE STANDARDIZED TEST PLANNING AND SCHEDULING.
Register for SAT and TOEFL February-April Develop your financial plan. Consider how you will pay for your education, living expenses and transportation for each year of study in the United States. Many scholarships and awards are given to international students who are dedicated to positive civic and social change. They are highly competitive and based on a combination of outstanding academic achievement, excellent communication skills in English, leadership and community service. We will make sure that you receive one of these awards by guiding you throughout the Scholarship…


Detailed Profiling We have an eye for every detail. We evaluate your profile, give individual care and make sure that you get the best course from the top university that perfectly suits your career goals, financial status and academic parameters.

Application Filling At GO STATES we ensure that all documents required for admission are in place and reach university on time. We keep track of the application and answer any query raised by university on application.

University Short Listing We shortlist the ideal universities for you based on your requirements. We act as a catalyst in helping you choose the University of your Dreams. We never restrict you to few universities, with GO STATES sky is the limit.

Financial Documentation Documents like tax returns, liquid assets, bank records, pay slips, etc are required while applying to US. We will ensure that you have all the documents with you and if not we will help you prepare the documents.

SOP/Admission Essay Writing Sop is the most integral par…